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​For all of you that brought in the new year with depression, chronic illness both mental and physical, or an unhappy living situation, know this. I am praying for you.  I pray that you find the will to live one more day.  That every sunrise brings you peace and that you never wish that that sunset was your last. I pray that you find someone, a friend, a lover,  anyone who understands you and doesn’t judge you. I pray that this person walks beside you through 2017 and makes the rock bottom days a little bit easier to handle. Most of all I pray that you see this and realize that someone does care and that this someone has a heart that aches for you. I want this year to be the year we care for each other because if we don’t then we will all suffer. God bless you all.



You take advantage of me. You call me,  regardless of time or the fact that I work and need rest. You treat me like a safety net. You always know I will be there to catch you. You use me. You push me away. You run back and forth whenever you feel the need for someone honest. You know you make bad decisions. You know I still care about you even after those decisions are made. You have a friend in  me.

I answer. Regardless of the hour. I am there for you. I care for you. I let you throw me away over and over. I never complain. I want what’s best for you. I am your friend. I let you hurt me as much as you want.